Here are some of the tips and tricks that I learned at an iPad Workshop.

Apple TV

New Apple TVs don’t need to be on the network. Your Apple TV and iDevice are communication through bluetooth. This only works with the newer generation iPads: not the generation 2.


Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Speech -> Voices -> English -> Enhanced… more realistic speech (120mb download, FREE)

  • Whole screen reading is done with a two finger swipe from the top of the screen. A tool bar will pop up. We tried on Overdrive it didn’t work well, but it worked well on Kindle, iBooks, PDFs.
  • You can also set it to highlight text as it is read and read a section.
  • If you turn on “Voice Over” in accessibility, then it works better with OverDrive. Click on the section of text you want read. When Voice Over is selected you need to double-tap to select.


Students use the microphone that is on the keyboard.

Apple iPad Training

French Immersion Accessibility

One of the obstacles I have encountered is that the accessibility options for French Immersion students is less robust. Without purchasing any apps, you can provide the basic accessibility functions of speech-to-text and text-to-speech for French students using the iPad.

French Text-to-Speech

  • Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Speech -> Voices -> French (Canada) = Text to speech on iPad

French Speech-to-Text

  • Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Language & Region ->French (Canada)
  • Speech-to-text will work en français


  • Another password is required… it can be different from the lock screen and the
  • You can hide specific apps from the view on the home screen
  • If you have enough time you could even list websites
  • Practical uses: students cannot Facetime, students cannot delete new apps
  • You can restrict installing and deleting Apps
  • Here are some screen shots of the available options when it comes to restrictions.

IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894


  • Five finger swipe (to move between apps)
  • Zoom: three finger double tap (Zoom needs to be enabled)
    • Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Zoom -> Turn Zoom on
  • Swipe down on word predict bar (to minimize it)
  • Split keyboard: put your thumbs on the G & H and pull apart
  • Two finger swipe from the top of the screen (whole screen reading, Speech needs to be enabled)
    • Settings -> General ->Accessibility -> Speech -> Speak Screen

Control Centre

  • Do Not Disturb
    • You can change the settings so certain phone numbers can ring through
      • Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Allow Calls From


Create Family Sharing iTunes Account

  • Prompted when purchases are made
  • There are definitely some educational uses that can be gleaned from family sharing.
    • Students can advocate for their needs by asking for Apps.
    • Teachers need to approve Apps. I am not sure if this is the case with free Apps, but it would help in an educational setting.